12M Bitcoins In Circulation

 There are only 21 million BTC!



23.4M Litecoins In Circulation

There are only 84 million LTC!




526k Nova Coins In Circulation

There are only 2 billion NVC!




17M Feather Coins In Circulation

There are only 336 million FTC!



Crypto Currency Mining Profitability:

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Are Other Coins Profitable?


Sometimes, yes. There are a lot of variables that come into play when calculating the profitability of Crypto coins. Your best bet is to watch the profitability column directly above. :D


Can You Help Me Setup My Miner?


There are a lot of great resources here on this website that will help you get your miner setup properly and achieve maximum hash rates. You can also head over to the forums and someone will be happy to answer your questions. We are all in this together. The more information we share, the more Crypto Currency’s stabilize! So hell ya, we will do our best to get you the answers you need. Ask away in the forums!